Writer’s List of Foreign Countries Visited

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Writer’s list of foreign countries that he has visited

The map below shows the foreign countries I, Choo Chaw(a Malaysian), have visited from 2003 until 2017.

Writer's list of foreign countries visited from 2003 until 2017

Writer’s list of foreign countries visited from 2003 until 2017

Click on a country below to read about my travel there:


a. Egypt Travel

      Egypt Travel Part I :Salah el Din Citadel, Muhammad Ali Mosque, Tahrir Square and Egyptian Museum

      Egypt Travel Part II :Valley of the Kings, Hatshepsut Temple and Colossi of Memnon

     Egypt Travel Part III :Hot Air Balloons and Karnak Temple Complex

     Egypt Travel Part IV :Papyrus Paper-Making, Luxor Temple and Esna Lock

     Egypt Travel Part V :Edfu Temple, Kom Ombo Temple and Galabia Party

     Egypt Travel Part VI :Abu Simbel Temples and Nubian Village(Elephantine Island)

      Egypt Travel Part VII :Unfinished Obelisk, Aswan High Dam and Philae Temple

      Egypt Travel Part VIII:Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel, Moon Beach(Ras Sudr), and St. Catherine

      Egypt Travel Part IX :Mount Sinai, Catherine’s Monastery and Sharm el Sheikh

     Egypt Travel Part X  :Sharm el Sheikh

     Egypt Travel Part XI :Cairo Food, Saqqara Step Pyramid Complex and Memphis

     Egypt Travel Part XII :Great Giza Pyramid Complex and Khan el Khalil Bazaar

b. South Africa Travel

      South Africa Travel Part I:       Air Flight from KLIA to Cape Town, Cape Town Shantytowns

      South Africa Travel Part II:      Table Mountain, Malay Quarter, Castle of Good Hope. A & V Waterfront

      South Africa Travel Part III:     Hermanus, Cheetah Outreach, Stellenbosch, Jewel Africa

      South Africa Travel Part IV:     Duiker Island of Seals, Cape Point, Boulders

      South Africa Travel Part V:       Cape Town to Johannesburg, Pilanesberg National Park(Game Drives)

      South Africa Travel Part VI:      Sun City, Union Buildings, Vootrekker Monument

      South Africa Travel Part VII:    Kruger Museum, Church Square, Melrose Museum, Carnivore Restaurant

       South Africa Travel  Final Part:  Gold Reef City: Gold Mine Museum 


a.  Australia Travel 

         Part I: Melbourne/Mornington Peninsula/Phillip Island),

         Part II: Sydney 

b.  New Zealand Travel

          New Zealand Travel 


a.  China Travels

      i. Beijing, Tianjin, Chengde Travel

           Part I: Beijing, Badaling

           Part II: Beijing, Tianjin, Chengde

      ii. China Relatives & Ancestral Places(Fujian Province)

            Part I: Parents’ China Relatives

            Part II: Hanjiang, Meizhou Island

            Part III: Putian

      iii. Hong Kong Travel

             Part I:  Hong Kong City Tour

             Part II:  Hong Kong City Tour

      iv. Macau Travel

             Macau City Tour

       v. Shanghai Travel

            Part I:  Hangzhou, Suzhou, Wuxi, Nanjing

            Part II: Nanjing Bridge, Shanghai City, Shanghai Expo, Hangzhou

      vi.  Shenzhou, Hezhou, Quilin, Zhaoqing Travel

             Part I: Shenzhen, Hezhou

             Part II: Quilin, Yangshuo, Zhaoqing, Shenzhen

      vii. Taiwan Travel

              Part I: Taipei

              Part II:  Checheng, Kaohsiung, Taichung, Sanyi, Yehliu, Jioufen

     viii.  Yunnan Travel

              Part I: Kunming, Jiu Xiang, Shilin, Dali

              Part II: Dali, Lijiang

       ix. Zhangjiajie Travel

              Part I: Tianmen, Zhangjia jie, Wulingyuan, Tianzi, Yuangjiajie

              Part II: Dragon King Cave, Shaoshan, Changsha, Macau

        x.  China Expedition 2013

              Part I: Thailand

              Part II: Yunnan

              Part III: Tibet

              Part IV: Qinhai

              Part V: Xinjiang

              Part VI: Gansu

              Part VII: Ningxia

              Part VIII: Inner Mongolia

              Part IX: Beijing 

b.  Indonesia Travels

           i.  Bali Travel       

           ii.  Batam Island Travel  

c.  Japan Travel 

            Part I: Osaka, Kyoto, Hamamatsu

            Part II: Owakudani Valley, Mt. Fuji, Tokyo

d.  Myanmar Travel

            Part I: Yangon, Bagan, Mount Popa

            Part II: Yangon, Kyauktan 

e.  Singapore Heritage Trails

            Part I: Chinatown, Little India

            Part II: Malay Heritage, Civic District

f.  South Korea Travel

             Part I:  Seoul, Jeju Island

             Part II:  Sokcho, Everland, Dongdaemum, DMZ, Seoul

g.  Thailand Travel: 

       i. Bangkok, Ayuthaya Travel

               Part I: Bangkok, Ayuthaya

               Part II: Bangkok

      ii. Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, The Golden Triangle Travel

                Part I: Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, The Golden Triangle

                Part II: Maesa, Chiang Mai

      iii. Phuket Travel 

      iv. Part I: Thailand (from China Ezpedition 2013) 

h.   Vietnam

            Hanoi Travel

                   Part I: Hanoi, Halong Bay

                   Part II: Hoa Lo, Tam Coc, Hanoi

4.  Europe:

              a.  Western Europe Travel

                     Part I: Germany, Switzerland, France

                     Part II: France, Belgium, Holland, England

              b.  Eastern Europe Travel

                   Part I: Budapest(Hungary)

                   Part II:  Bratislava(Slovakia)

                   Part III: Vienna(Austria)

                   Part IV: Vienna II(Austria)

                   Part V: Brno(Czech Republic)

                   Part VI: Prague(Czech Republic)

             c. Italy Travel

                  Italy Travel Part I: Rome and Vatican City

                 Italy Travel Part II : Rome(continued)

                 Italy Travel Part III: Pisa and Florence

                 Italy Travel Part IV: Venice

                 Italy Travel Part V(Final): Verona and Milan

5.  U.S.A. & Canada

           a.   East Coast: USA & Canada

                  Part I: Philadeiphia, Washington D.C.

                  Part II: Niagara Falls, Toronto

                  Part III: Colborne, 1000 Islands, Ottawa

                  Part IV: Montreal, Quebec

                  Part V: Boston

                  Part VI: New York

                  Part VII: Woodbury Common Premium Outlets

            b.   West Coast: USA

                    Part I: San Francisco

                    Part II: San Francisco, Monterey Bay, Las Vegas

                    Part III: Grand Canyon

                    Part IV: Las Vegas

                    Part V: Premium Outlets(S. California)

                    Part VI: Disneyland(Anaheim)

                    Part VII: Hollywood Walk of Fame(Los Angeles)

                    Part VIII: Universal Studios Hollywood

                    Part IX: Universal Studios Hollywood Theme Park

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