Turkey Travel Part I: Ancient Troy Cities

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Day 1

Sunday, 13 Oct 2019

Departure to Istanbul

Long Journey to Istanbul from Malaysia

At 11.20 p.m. on 13 Oct 2019(Malaysian time and date), the writer, Choo Chaw, and his wife together with 29 Malaysians flew by a Turkish Airlines plane from KLIA, Malaysia, to Istanbul to visit some interesting places in Turkey.

Writer and Wife at KLIA

Writer and wife at KLIA, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, getting ready to board a Turkish Airlines plane.

Writer’s Tourmates

Below was the Malaysian group of 31 members(including writer and wife) going to Turkey for a short vacation from 13-22 Oct 2019

Air-flight to Istanbul

Air-flight from KLIA(Kuala Lumpur) to Istanbul(Turkey) takes 10 hours and 30 minutes, and the distance between them is 8383 km.

Location of Istanbul in Turkey

The map below shows the location of Istanbul in Turkey

Day 2

Monday, 14 Oct 2019

Arrival at Istanbul

The Turkish Airlines plane that carried us arrived at Istanbul New Airport, at 5.30 am on 14 Oct 2019(Turkey time and date).

Turkish Airlines Plane

The Turkish Airlines plane in the photo below brought all of us to Istanbul New Airport in Turkey from KLIA, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, safely.

New Airport of Turkey

The New Airport in Istanbul opened on 29 Oct 2018 is the second largest in the world after Beijing Daxing International Airport in China which was opened on 25 September, 2019.

The photo below shows the interior of a small part of Istanbul New Airport, Turkey

Tour Manager

Our capable tour group manager, Brian Wong, from a travel agency, Chiu Travel Sdn. Bhd. in Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia, would lead us in the Turkey tour.

Turkish Tour Guide

On arrival at Istanbul New Airport, a Turkish tour-guide, Cenmal, welcomed us. He would bring us around in his country during the tour.

Turkish Coach-Driver

Metun, our Turkish coach-driver, would drive us around for several days in Turkey. He was a careful and patient driver.


Metun’s coach was large, clean and comfortable for the journey in Turkey.

Travel from Istanbul to Canakkale

When we arrived at the Istanbul New Airport, Metun drove us to Canakkale which was 240 km away in the south-west.

Lunch at Troia Restaurant

On the way to Canakkale, we stopped at a restaurant, Troia Restaurant, for lunch.

Writer’s lunch at the restaurant was delicious although it was simple.

Ferry from Eceabat to Canakkale

After lunch we continued our journey. Soon we arrived at Eceabat where we boarded a ferry and crossed Dardanelles Strait to Canakkale City which is 6 km away in 25 minutes.

Eceabat Ferry Pier, Eceabat, Turkey, as shown in the photo below.

Ferry for Passengers and Vehicles

The ferry we boarded was large and sailed smoothly to Canakkale.

Departure to Canakkale

Canakkalle City is 6 km from Eceabat

Writer and wife on a ferry from Eceabat to Canakkale

Arrival at Canakkale

25 minutes later, we arrived at Canakkale ferry terminal and went straight to a waterfront nearby.

From the ferry terminal we saw the Canakkale Waterfront.

Trojan Horse

On the waterfront we were awe-struck by a huge wooden black Trojan Horse. It was used in making a 2004 movie known as “Troy”.

Group Photo

We took an opportunity to take a group photo in front of the black horse for remembrance.

The Trojan Horse Story

According to a Greek mythological story, a Greek army in ancient times failed to capture Troy in Turkey for 11 years. Then they gave a huge wooden horse to the king of Troy as a present. At night the Greek soldiers hidden in the horse appeared and attacked the Troy soldiers. Subsequently, the Greek army captured the place.

Archaeological Ancient Site of Troy(3500 BC-500 AD)

After an hour on the waterfront, we left the Canakkale Waterfront and travelled 27 km to an archaeological ancient site that is known as “Troy”. It is a place where 9 ancient cities were built one on top of each other in a period of 3500 years from 3000 BC until 500 AD.

Entrance of the Site

At the entrance of the site, we queued up to enter the archaeological ancient site of Troy with a fee.

A 42 TL(Turkish Lira) ticket was required for a visitor to enter the site.

Replica of Trojan Horse

After the entrance, there was a replica of a large wooden Trojan Horse that attracted our attraction.

Visitors were allowed to enter the wooden horse and climb up to the top level.

Touring the site of Ancient Cities of Troy

We spent an hour touring the site to see the ruins of different ancient cities of Troy.

Nine Cities of Troy

We learned that there were 9 cities built on top of each other forming a large mound in a long period of 3500 years, i.e. from 3000 BC until 500 AD.

The diagram below shows 9 cities, Troy Cities I-IX, built in different periods from 3000 BC until 500 AD totalling 3500 years.

Picture of Troy IX, the last city of Troy

A picture below shows the reconstruction of the last city of Troy, Troy City IX(85 BC-500 AD).

The photos below show some of the ruins of different cities of Troy in the olden days.

(i) Odeion(a Roman theatre) of Troy IX City(85 BC-500 AD) was built for concerts, lectures and other purposes

(ii) Palace of Troy VI City(1750-1300 BC) in ruin

(iii) Bouleterion(Council-Chamber) of the Greek and Roman Ilion in Troy VIII-IX(720 BC-500 AD)

(iv) Citadel Wall of Troy II-III Cities(2550-2200 BC)

(v) A portion of the ruined walls of Troy VII City(1300-950 BC)

(vi) A partially restored ramp of Troy II fortress(2550-2250 BC)

(vii) Burnt or fired mud-bricks in the Troy II fortifications(2550-2250 BC)

(viii) Trench and wall in the foreground of ancient Troy, and fertile land and Aegean Sea beyond.

(ix) A partially-restored well built in 300 BC in the City of Troy VIII(720-85 BC)

(x) Storage vessels for olive oil, wine, grains and water. Discarded ones were used as burial urns since the early Bronze Age(3000-1200 BC)

Kolin Hotel, Canakkale

After spending an hour touring the archaeological site of ancient Troy, we went to Canakkale for dinner and stayed at Kolin Hotel for a night on 14 Oct 2019.

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