Turkey Travel Part II: Asklepion

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Day 3

Tuesday, 15 Oct 2019

In the morning of 15 Oct 2019, we left Canakkale and travelled to Asklepion, an ancient hospital, in Pergamon hear Bergama.

Olive Product Shop

On the way, we stopped at a shop, “adrapure”, that was selling olive oil products.

A salesgirl introduced the olive oil products to our tourmates.

The following products were for sale at the shop.

(i) Olive oil

(ii) Beauty care products that used olive oil

(iii) Bathing soaps

Olive Trees

There were few olive trees outside the shop.

Olive Fruits

As I was walking in the garden, I noticed that all the trees were bearing fruits and tasted a few of them. They were bitter in taste.

Picking Olive Fruits

There was a picture in the shop that showed the farmers picking olive fruits.


Soon we left the shop and continued our journey the ancient hospital or healing centre in Pergamon near Bergama. It is known as Asklepion that was established in the 4th. Century BC in dedication to the Greek God of Healing and Medicine, Asclepius.

We noticed that many parts of the place were in ruin.

Drawing of the Actual Hospital

The drawing below shows the actual hospital or healing centre in the olden days.

Writer and wife visited Asklepion, the healing centre in the olden days, on 15 Oct 2019.

Sacred Way

Sacred Way was a long path to the entrance of the hospital or healing centre. It was there sick persons were checked if they were qualified to be admitted into the centre. For examples, the healing centre would not accept persons who were near death and pregnant women, as it had to keep its reputation.


Colonnade with missing roof for patients to go to the semi-circular Theatre for shows or entertainment in the olden days.

Group Photo

Writer and tourmates took a group photo at the Colonnade for remembrance on 15 Oct 2019.

Roman Theatre

Patients watched shows in the Roman Theatre at Asklepion for relaxation in the olden days.

View of the Sacred Way, Colonnade and Theatre

A view of the Sacred Way, Colonnade and the Roman Theatre as seen from Asklepion, the healing centre that was established in the 4th. Century BC.

Miracle Water

The underground water was used to treat patients in the olden days. Later, that miracle water was found to contain radioactive substances. The water was still flowing while we were there.

Entrance to Treatment Rooms

An entrance of Asklepion leading to the treatment rooms for patients in the olden days.

A Tunnel

Interior of the tunnel leading to the treatment rooms for patients in the olden days.

Underground Treatment Rooms

Underground treatment rooms were used for patients to dream in the olden days. Doctors or priests would then treat the patients according to their dreams.

Treatment rooms and sleeping chambers for patients to dream in the olden days are located underground.

Ruined Treatment Building

Ruined treatment building for patients in the olden days at Asklepion, Pergamon near Bergama.

Treatment Rooms

Treatment rooms for patients in the olden days at Asklepion, a healing centre dedicated to the god of healing and medicine, Asklepius.

Pool for Treatment

One of the three pools used for treating patients in the olden days at Asklepionin in Pergamon near Bergama.


View of Acropolis on a hill where kings lived in the olden days as seen from the medical centre, Asklepion.

Virgin Mary’s House

Later, we travelled 131 km from Asklepion in Pergamon to a place in the south where Virgin Mary’s house was thought to be located. It is on Mount Koressus that is 7 km from Selcuk, Turkey.

Path to the House of Virgin Mary

Group Photo

Writer and tourmates visited the House of Virgin Mary, a Catholic shrine, on Mount Koressus which is 7 km from Selcuk, Turkey, on 15 Oct 2019.

Entering the House of Virgin Mary

Visitors were entering the House of Virgin Mary where photographing was prohibited inside, while writer’s wife was standing in front of the house.

A Model Stable

A model stable near the House of Virgin Mary showed the birth of Jesus, the Son of God, while her husband, Joseph, was watching.

Virgin Mary gave birth to Jesus in Bethlehem in Israel over 2000 years ago.

Statue of Virgin Mary

A statue of Virgin Mary was seen near Virgin Mary’s house.

Open Air Place of Worship

There was an open air place of worship near the house.

Statue of St. John

Statue of Saint John, the apostle, was spotted near Virgin Mary’s house. It was believed that St. John had brought Virgin Mary to the house on Mount Koressus which is 7 km from Selcuk, Turkey.

Miracle Spring Water

There was spring water from taps near Virgin Mary’s house, and Catholic pilgrims believed that it had power of healing and fertility.

Wishing Wall

Adjacent to the spring water there was a wall stuck with countless number of papers with visitors’ wishes.

Tour Guide’s Wish

Our Turkish tour-guide, Cenmal, had written a wish on a piece of paper and stuck it on the wall behind him 18 months ago. He wished that Virgin Mary would help him to get a Lamborghini car in two years’ time. He had another 6 months to get his wish granted. We wished him good luck.

Charisma De Luxe Hotel

Finally, we left the House of Virgin Mary and travelled to Kusadasi where we stayed at a 5-star hotel, Charisma De Luxe Hotel, for a night on 15 Oct 2019.

The hotel had a beautiful view of Aegean Sea and a quarter-shaped swimming pool.

Beautiful Sunset

When we reached the hotel we were fortunate to see an awesome sunset over Aegean Sea on 15 Oct 2019.

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