Turkey Travel Part VI: Pasabag Valley

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Day 6

Friday, 18 Oct 2019

Cappadocia or Kapadokya

Writer and tourmates stayed in Cappadocia or Kapadokya for two days from 18-19 Oct 2019 as there were many places of interest in the vicinity to visit.

Large Rock with a Door

In the bright morning of 18 Oct 2019, I was surprised to see a large rock that had a door located behind the hotel, Dilek Kaya Hotel, in Ortahisar, Cappadocia. Somebody might have lived in the rock before. We were going to see more abandoned rock-settlements in other places in Cappadocia.

Visiting Places in Cappadocia

After breakfast, we left the hotel, Dilek Kaya Hotel, and went to visit a few places of interest in Cappadocia on 18 Oct 2019.

Pasabag Valley

The first place we visited on that day was Pasabag Valley or Monks’ Valley. It is a place where rocks that look like “Fairy Chimney” are located. With a little bit of imagination, we are fascinated that some of them look like camels, seals, human beings, mushrooms or other living things.

Map showing four areas in Cappadocia, Turkey, we would visit on 18 Oct 2019: Pasabag Valley, Uchisar Valley, Kaymakli Underground City and Goreme Valley

Writer and wife visited Pasabag Valley of Monks’ Valley on 18 Oct 2019.

Christian Settlement

In the olden days, Pasabag Valley was a place where Christian monks lived as hermits and local people gave them food all the time.

The monks were living in holes they dug into the rocks, as shown in the photo below.

Writer and wife together with tourmates visited an abandoned dwelling of Christian monks and hermits on 18 Oct 2019.

Rocks that look like cones and “Fairy Chimney” are many in Pasabag Valley.

Rocks in Pasabag Valley

(i) We were quite fascinated by a large rock that looked like a camel in Pasabag Valley, Cappadocia.

(ii) We also saw rocks that looked like a family of seals in Pasabag Valley.

(iii) Rocks that looked like a family of king, queen and prince were also noticed.

(iv) Rocks that looked like the three famous US comedy actors, “The Three Stooges”, surprised me.

(v) There was a single rock that looked like a thin, tall man wearing a cone-shaped hat.

(vi) “The Three Sisters” in the photo below reminded me of “The Three Sisters” I saw in the Blue Mountains in Australia in 2004.

(vii) Rocks that looked like a cluster of fat mushrooms in Pasabag Valley.

Jewellery Shop

Having seen enough of the rocks of many forms and shapes in Pasabag or Monks’ Valley, we went to a Cappadocia jewellery shop.

We saw pendants and rings with turquoise for sale at the shop.

Besides, jewellery with different kinds of gemstones were for sale at the shop.

More jewellery with different coloured gemstones were for sale at the shop, too.

There was a display of uncut gemstones of different kinds at the shop.

Carpet House

After visiting the jewellery shop we went to a factory, Carpet House, that was selling hand-made carpets.

Carpets of different sizes and designs were displayed on the floor for us to see and buy.

There were many hand-made carpets for sale at the carpet factory.

A carpet showing a colourful and complicated design was displayed on a wall at the factory.

A Turkish woman was showing the writer and tourmates the way she was making a carpet.

A beautiful hand-made carpet showing a horse drinking water in a stream in a forest was displayed on a wall.

Charlie Chaplin and Friends

We were surprised to see a hand-made carpet that looked like a photo. It shows the famous mute actor, Charlie Chaplin, with his girlfriend, Edna Purviance, and dog called Mut. They acted together in a 1918 movie, “A Dog’s Life”.


At 12.15 p.m. we left the carpet factory for lunch at a restaurant of Uchisar Kaya Hotel in Uchisar on 18 Oct 2019.

Writer’s lunch at Uchisar Kaya Hotel restaurant on 18 Oct 2019

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