Turkey Travel Part VIII: Gerome Valley & Turkish Night Show

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Day 6

Friday, 18 Oct 2019

Visiting Gerome Valley

As we had visited Uchisar Valley and Kaymakli Underground City that were described on the previous page, we went to Gerome Valley then. Later, we relaxed and enjoyed watching a Turkish night show at a restaurant, Evranos Restaurant, in Cappadocia in the evening.

Map below shows four places we visited on 18 Oct 2019: Pasabag Valley, Uchisar Valley, Kaymakli Underground City and Gerome Valley on 18 Oct 2019.

Gerome Valley Visit

After lunch in Uchisar, we went to another valley, Gerome Valley, nearby. It is similar to Uchisar Valley in physical features i.e. both have cone-shaped rocks.

Gerome Valley, a Christian Settlement

Gerome Valley was a place where Christians in the Byzantine Period(330-1453 AD) lived. They lived in holes cut into large cone-shaped rocks and established churches, chapels and monasteries in them.

Writer and wife visited Gerome Valley on 18 Oct 2019. In the background of the photo below is a high hill known as Uchisar Castle.

In the Gerome Valley, there is a row of abandoned churches, chapels and monasteries.

The photos below show some churches in Gerome Valley.

(i) A 7-storey “Nunnery” that housed a dining hall, kitchen and rooms on the first floor, ruined chapel on the second floor, church on the third, etc.

(ii) This large rock housed three rooms next to each other: Larder, Kitchen and Refectory in Gerome Valley.

(iii) Karanilik Church in Gerome Valley

(iv) Yilani(Dark) Church of St. Onuphrius in Gerome Valley

(v) Church of Tokali(Buckle) in Gerome Valley

(vi) A staircase outside a church in Gerome Valley

(vii) Close-up view of a staircase outside the church in Gerome Valley

(viii) A chapel in a church in Gerome Valley

(ix) Most of the churches in Goreme Valley had frescos of Christian figures on the walls and ceilings. The photo below shows some of them found inside the churches.

(ix) A dweller’s home in a rock in Gerome Valley in the olden days

Evranos Restaurant

In the evening writer and tourmates went to a restaurant, Evranos Restaurant, in Cappadocia, Turkey, to dine and watch a Turkish Night show.

Turkish Night Show

Writer and tourmates were waiting, patiently, for the Turkish show to start at Evranos Restaurant in Cappadocia, Turkey, on 18 Oct 2019.

Foreign guests were also waiting, patiently, for the Turkish Night show to start at Evranos Restaurant in Cappadocia, Turkey, on 18 Oct 2019.

Three elderly Turkish musicians of the restaurant were playing musics before the show began.

At 8.20 p.m. the show started. Several men dressed in traditional costumes appeared on the floor and did a traditional dance.

Then a few ladies appeared and danced, gracefully.

After the dance performed by the ladies, a Turkish traditional wedding ceremony was performed.

When the wedding ceremony was over, the performers invited some guests to the floor to dance their traditional way.

Finally, the highlight of the show was the belly dance. It was performed by a fair, pretty Turkish lady. She began dancing with two “white wings and then other dances.

Occasionally, she did some sensual movements in her dance to the delight of the guests.

After dancing, the lady went round looking for a male guest.

When she spotted one, she invited him to the floor and asked him to follow her basic belly dance movements. His movements were stiff.

Later, she invited another male guest and asked him to follow her sensual body movements. He made us laughed at his clumsiness, but we liked him as he was very sporting.

Back to Dilek Kaya Hotel

After an hour of enjoyment at Evranos Restaurant in Cappadocia, Turkey, we went back to our hotel, Dilek Kaya Hotel, nearby and stayed there for another night.

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