Golden Bridge of Vietnam

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Golden Bridge is the latest tourists’ attraction in Vietnam since 2018.

The bridge is held up by two hands of a “giant”.

The map below shows the location of Golden Bridge on Bana Hills that is 24 km west of Danang in Vietnam.

Writer and wife at the main cable-car station, Hoi An Station, at the foot of Bana Hills, Vietnam, on 30 Oct 2022.

They boarded this cable-car to ascend to 1414m above sea-level to visit the famous bridge, Golden Bridge, on Bana Hills.

While ascending Bana Hills for 20 mins, they had breathtaking views of forests and sea in the distance.

Soon they reached the next cable-car station, Marseille Station, where they alighted and and walked to Golden Bridge.

They saw many tourists on the bridge enjoying the spectacular sights of Bana Hills. The bridge is known as Golden Bridge as its railings are golden in colour.

Tourists came in droves to see the unique Golden Bridge and enjoyed the breathtaking views of Bana Hills in Vietnam.

Golden Bridge is supported by two hands of a “giant”. This photo below shows the right hand of the “giant” holding up the bridge.

This photo below shows the left hand of the same “giant” holding up the bridge.

Tourists on Golden Bridge will enjoy the spectacular view of Bana Hills and beyond.

Another spectacular view of Bana Hills and beyond as seen from Golden Bridge.

The weather in Bana Hills is unpredictable. One moment the place is bright, another moment it is misty and visibility is very poor.

Photo below shows very poor visibility when Golden Bridge is shrouded in thick mist.

The spot with Golden Bridge in the background is tourists’ favourite place for taking photos for remembrance.

Writer and wife visited the famous bridge, Golden Bridge, on Bana Hills in Vietnam on 30 Oct 2022. It is a memorable visit to them.


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