U.S.A. and Canada East Coast Travel Part V(Boston)

U.S.A. and Canada East Coast Travel Part V(Boston)

Day 7  Friday, 19 June 2015

Journey from Quebec City(Canada) to Boston(U.S.A.)

Location of Quebec City in Canada and Boston in U.S.A.

At 8 in the morning of Day 7, we left Holiday Inn Express Hotel in Quebec City in Canada for Boston in the U.S..

Plymouth Sedan Portes 1934

After travelling for two hours on Route 55, we arrived at a McDonald’s Outlet at Richmond and stopped there for a toilet visit and snack. At this place we were fascinated by an old but shiny red car, “Plymouth Sedan Portes 1934”, which had been given a new coat of paint.

Hotel Holiday Inn Express Quebec City, Canada

A vintage car of year 1934 at a McDonald’s outlet in Richmond, Quebec

A McDonald’s outlet in Richmond, Quebec


Derby Line

At 11 a.m. we moved on. An hour later, we arrived at Derby Line on the Canada-U.S.A. border where we had to go through a USA Inspection Station in Vermont State. After the immigration check, we went to a Chinese restaurant, China Moon Buffet Restaurant, in Derby Town to have lunch.


At 1.40 p.m. we travelled on Route 93 that would bring us all the way to Boston in the south. An hour later, we stopped at a little shop near Littleton in New Hampshire for a toilet visit. In this shop I saw a moose head mounted on a wall. Moose are mostly found in the northernmost regions of America and throughout Alaska and Canada. They are large deer and their predators are humans, bears and wolves.

White Mountain National Forest

Then we were off again. Soon we were travelling in a scenic mountainous area. It is known as White Mountain National Forest where the highest mountain, Mount Washington, is about 1 300 metres high. It is a place where it offers a variety of recreational activities like camping, fishing, kayaking, swimming and mountain-climbing to name a few.

A souvenir shop in Littleton outskirt, New Hampshire, U.S.A.

White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire, U.S.A.

A moose head mount in a souvenir shop in Littleton outskirt, New Hampshire, U.S.A.



At 5.30 p.m. we stopped at a Chinese restaurant, Long Fong Restaurant, for dinner. The dinner included a complete, cooked lobster for each tour-member. The lobster gave some of us a bad experience. As we were trying to get the meat out of the crustaceans using a chop-stick, some of us were injured by the sharp spines.

Long Fong Restaurant

Sheraton Farmingham, Farmingham, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

A lobster for each tour-member at Long Fong Restaurant


Sheraton Farmingham Hotel, Massachusetts

After dinner we were on Route 93 again. Finally, at 7.30 p.m. we arrived at a town in Massachussetts State, Farmingham, that is about 30 km east of Boston and checked in at Sheraton Farmingham Hotel where we stayed for a night.

Roanne, the super lady-driver

That was a long, tiring journey from Quebec City in Canada to Farmingham in Massachussetts State, a distance of about 600 km. Thanks again to our super lady-driver, Roanne, who took many hours to drive us to Farmingham.

Roanne, a super coach-driver

Day 8   Saturday, 20 June 2015

Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts

At 8.30 in the morning we left Farmingham and headed for Cambridge which is 3 km north-west of Boston City. On arrival at the town we visited the America’s oldest and prestigious university, Harvard University. Established originally by Massachusetts Legislature in 1636 and known as “New College”, it produces brilliant students who later become successful people in many fields.

Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Notable Harvard University Alumni

According to Wikipedia, its alumni include eight U.S. presidents, e.g. Barack Obama, John F. Kennedy and George W. Bush, 62 living billionaires, e.g. Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg(Facebook creator), Secretary-General of U.N., Ban Ki-moon, foreign political leaders like Taiwan President, Ma Ying-jeou, Canada Prime Ministers, Mckenzie King and Pierre Trudeau, and many more notable alumni.

Besides, the Academic Ranking of World Universities(ARWU) has consistently ranked it the best in the world since 2003. Hence, it is a “dream college” for both students and parents in the world.

Cambridge Town where Harvard University is located

Tour-members in Harvard Yard, Harvard University, Massachusetts

Freshmen’s dormitories in Harvard Yard in Harvard University, Massachusetts


Harvard Yard

On arrival at Cambridge, we entered Harvard Yard and saw a statue of a man, John Harvard(1607-1638), erected in front of a white building, University Hall. When Harvard died in 1638, he donated his 400 books and half of his estate to the university. For his generosity, the university was named after him, Harvard University, in 1638. Now the university has about 20 000 students in over 12 different academic schools located throughout the Boston Metropolitan area.

All the visitors including us in Harvard Yard took the opportunity to take a photo with the statue of John Harvard.

Choo Chaw and wife with the statue of John Harvard in Harvard Yard, Harvard University, Massachusetts

Margaret and Janet with the statue of John Harvard in Harvard Yard, Harvard University, Massachusetts

Timothy Koh and family with the statue of John Harvard in Harvard University, Massachusetts


There are several buildings in Harvard Yard such as Freshmen dormitories for first year students, University Hall(a multi-purpose building), Widener Library(the main library of the university that has more than 5 million books) and Memorial Church(an interdenominational worship place).

Widener Library, the main library of Harvard University, Massachusetts

The tour-manager, Andy Yuan, talking about the Harvard University to members in Harvard Yard

Notices for students in Harvard Yard, Harvard University, Massachusetts


Roanne’s Nephew

After a brief tour of Harvard Yard, we walked back to our coach nearby. Before we left, Roanne’s nephew appeared and met up with his elated aunt.

Roanne, the coach-driver, feeling elated meeting up with her nephew in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge

While travelling along Massachusetts Avenue to Boston City, we passed another well-known university, Massachusetts Institute of Technology(M.I.T.). Founded in 1861, it was originally a private research university in applied science and engineering. Now it includes a few more schools like biology, economics, linguistics and management. Like Harvard University, many notable M.I.T. alumni excel in many fields and receive prestigious honours and awards.

Massachusetts Insttitue of Technology(MIT), Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Map of Boston City by Charles River Boat Cruise

Charlestown Bridge over River Charles from Cambridge to Boston, Massachusetts


Then we crossed Charlestown Bridge over River Charles and arrived at Boston City. The first historic landmark we visited in the city was Trinity Church.

Trinity Church in Copley Square

Founded in 1733 and rebuilt in the Romanesque Revival style in 1872-1877 replacing the old one that was burnt down. Trinity Church is an episcopal church in Copley Square in Back Bay and has a congregation of about 3000 households. Its architectural style characterized by a clay roof, polychromy, rough stone, heavy arches, and a massive tower has been adopted for a number of public buildings across the United States. Statuettes of Lord Jesus, saints and worshippers can be seen on its facade.

Trinity Church, in Copley Square, Boston, Massachusetts

Statuettes of Lord Jesus, saints and worshippers on the facade of Trinity Church, Boston, Massachusetts

Statue of Phillips Brooks(1835-1893) who directed the construction of Trinity Church in 1872-1877


Phillips Brooks(1835-1893)

A statue of Phillips Brooks(1835-1893) was erected in front of Trinity Church in memory of him as a preacher who directed the construction of the church in 1872-1877.

Boston Marathon Bombings

The Copley Square is a place where the popular 42 km-Boston Marathon finishes. This marathon is held on the third Monday of April annually since 1969 and attracted over 30 ooo participants this year.

Bolyston Street leading to Trinity Church and Public Library in Boston, Massachusetts

During the Boston Marathon on 15 April 2013, two Chechen brothers let off two pressure cooker bombs in Boylston Street killing three spectators and one of the perpetrators, and injuring 280 people. Later, the second perpetrator was caught and sentenced to death. They planted the bombs because they were against the U.S. foreign policy against Muslim countries.

Boston Public Library

Facing Trinity Church is Boston Public Library that was built in Italian Renaiassance style in 1895. When we were there Boston Book Festival 2015 was held in Copley Square.

Public Library in Copley Square, Boston, Massachusetts


Boston Book Festival 2015 in Copley Square

This festival attracted kids, teens and adults. Many activities and events were held for children of all ages, such as story-telling, workshops, dancing, concert and fun-filled activities.

Concert at Boston Book Festival in Copley Square, Boston

A musician entertaining children at Boston Book Festival, Boston

A children’s book character attracting kids at Boston Book Festival in Copley Square, Boston


Later we went to another place nearby which is surrounded by old buildings. It is a place where a memorial was built. It is a sad one that is known as New England Holocaust(Shoah) Memorial.

Holocaust(Shoah) Memorial

This memorial was created in memory of the six million Jewish men, women and children who were, mercilessly, killed by the Nazi Third Reich headed by Adolf Hitler between 1933 and 1945 in Europe. It is also dedicated to another five million people of other races, religions and nationalities. Hundreds of generous citizens had  made the construction of the memorial possible.

New England Holocaust Memorial, Boston, Massachusetts

Close-up of numbers on a glass-tower each denoting a Jew who was killed by Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Third Reich in the period 1933-1945

One of the six glass-towers with numbers at the Holocaust Memorial, Boston, Massachusetts


Tall Green Glass-Towers

At the grim memorial, there is a row of six tall green glass-towers inscribed with countless numbers instead of names of the victims killed by the Nazi soldiers. Besides, there are words of survivors inscribed on some granite stones. There was one containing words which sent chill down my spine as I was reading them. They were said by a Lutheran Pastor, Martin Niemoeller(1892-1984), who was sent to two concentration camps(1937-1945) by Adolf Hitler, and they go like this:

“They came first for the communists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist. Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me, and by that time no one was left to speak up,”

Inscription of Martin Niemoeller’s words in a granite stone at Holocaust Memorial, Boston

Boston City Hall

Around the memorial are old buildings that have become cafes, restaurants and shops. A large, modern building can be seen across a road, Congress Street, from the Holocaust Memorial. It is Boston City Hall and local people think it is one of the ugliest buildings in America.

Old buildings at the Holocaust Memorial, Boston, Massachusetts

City Hall in Boston, Massachusetts

Old buildings at the Holocaust Memorial, Boston, Massachusetts


Faneuil Hall, Boston

The next place we visited was Faneuil Hall which is a historic landmark too.

Located near the waterfront, Faneuil Hall has been a marketplace and a meeting hall since 1743. It was in this building that speeches encouraging independence from Great Britain were made by Samuel Adams, James Otis and others.

Also known as “The Cradle of Liberty”, Faneuil Hall was built in Georgian architectural style in 1742 by Peter Faneuil for the Boston people.

Statue of Samuel Adams(1722-1803)

Erected in front of this building is a statue of Samuel Adams(1722-1803) in honour of him for organising the American Revolution against the British rule and signing the Declaration of American Independence in 1776.

Faneuil Hall in the background and Statue of Samuel Adams in the foreground in Boston

Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Boston

Later, more buildings were built in front to accommodate increasing number of merchants and city residents. Today, Faneuil Hall Marketplace includes North and South Market Buildings which house retail shops, restaurants and business offices, and Quincy Market in between them houses more than forty different food-stalls.

Plan of Quincy Market Center, Faneuil Hall and Marketplace Center, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

South Market of Quincy Market Center, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Quincy Market, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.


Lunchtime at Quincy Market

As it was lunchtime, we entered Quincy Market and walked along the crowded walkway to a famous food-stall, Boston Chowda Co., to get our food. With the help of our tour-manager, Andy Yuan, I got my meal that included a lobster roll, soup and a cup of Coke.

North Market of Quincy Market Center, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Tour members taking lobster roll and soup or another kind from Boston Chowda Co. for lunch at Quincy Market, Bostaon, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Tour-members at Boston Chowda Co. food stall for lunch at Quincy Market, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.


Food and Beverage Stalls in Quincy Market

Visitors looking for food and drinks at this market are spoilt for choice. They can have different kinds of Western, European or Asian cuisines.

Crowded food-walkway at Quincy Market, Boston, Massachusetts

“Starbucks Coffee” at Quincy Market, Boston

A pizza stall at Quincy Market, Boston


Cuisines of many countries are available at the market: Mexican, German, Japanese, Indian and Greek, to name a few.


“Boston Cafe” at Quincy Market, Boston

Food & drink stall at Quincy Market, Boston

Ice-cream & fudge stall at Quincy Market, Boston


Quincy Market Street Performers

There are stalls under canopies outside Quincy Market. They sell souvenirs, gifts, handbags, toys, accessories, etc. Besides, there are some street performers entertaining visitors outside the market. Among them are musicians, magicians and character impersonators.

Stalls under canopies outside Quincy Market, Boston


Musicians entertaining visitors outside Quincy Market, Boston

A baseball player impersonator giving a word of wisdom to a little girl outside Quincy Market, Boston

A magician showing tricks to visitors outside Quincy Market, Boston


Statue of Red Auerbach(1917-2006)

While walking around Quincy Market, I came across a bronze statue of a fat man holding a large cigar and sitting on a bench. He was Red Auerbach(1917-2006) who was a famous Boston Celtis basketball-player, then a coach, president and finally vice-chairman of Boston Celtics.

Statue of Arnold “Red” Auerbach outside Quincy Market, Boston

As a coach, he won 938 games and 9 NBA Championships in 10 years, and as general manager and team president of Boston Celtics, he won an additional 7 NBA Championships, making him one of the most successful team officials in North American professional sports.

A plaque of Arnold “Red” Auerbach outside Quincy Market, Boston

Larry “Legend” Bird Plaque

A plaque on the ground near the statue said about another outstanding basketball-player. He was Larry “Legend” Bird who was born in 1956. He was honoured for being elected into the Basketball Hall of Fame and his outstanding contributions to the basketball game. He played for Boston Celtics from 1979 until 1992. He was awarded three times NBA MVP, 12 times Eastern Conference NBA All-Star, NBA Coach of the Year in 1997 and 1998, and a 1992 gold medal Olympian. He was an extraordinary basketball celebrity.

Bill Rogers(“Boston Billy”)

Then I saw another plaque on the ground. It honoured a Boston distance runner, Bill Rogers(also known as “Boston Billy”), for being inducted “into the National Track & Field Hall of Fame, his 25 years of excellence in distance running and his unfaltering dedication to the Boston Community. A local hero and international competitor, Bill Rogers set a new standard for road-racing achievement, four time winner of the Boston Marathon(1975, 1978. 1979 and 1980)”.


Plaque of Larry “Legend” Bird outside Quincy Market, Boston

Renaissance Woodbridge Hotel, Iselin, New Jersey

Plaque of Bill Rodgers(Boston Billy) outside Quincy Market, Boston


Departure for New Jersey

At 1.30 p..m. we left Boston City and headed southwards on Route 95. After six hours of travelling, we arrived at a small place, Iselin, in Woodbridge Township in New Jersey. We checked in at a hotel known as Renaissance Woodbridge Hotel and retired for a night.

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