U.S.A. and Canada East Coast Travel Part II(Niagara Falls and Toronto City)

U.S.A. and Canada East Coast Travel Part II

Day 3 Monday, 15 June 2015

Harrisburg – Niagara Falls 

Map showing the location of Harrisburg, Niagara Falls and Toronto

At 8.30 in the morning we left Harrisburg for a long journey to Niagara Falls. After four hours on the road we stopped at Corning for lunch. At 1.30 p.m. we moved on again.. At 4.30 p,m. we arrived at an American border check-point at Niagara Falls(New York), crossed a long bridge, Rainbow Bridge, which is over River Niagara, went through a Canadian border check-point at Niagara Falls(Ontario) and finally we checked in at Sheraton Hotel in the city.

Vehicles exiting American toll plaza and entering Niagara Falls Town in Canada

Sheraton Hotel, Niagara Falls Town, Canada

Vehicles from the U.S.A. crossing Rainbow Bridge and entering Niagara Falls Town in Canada


View of Waterfalls(Niagara Falls)

In the hotel, my wife and I got a room on the 6th. floor. Looking out of a window, I was awe-struck by the spectacular sight of a waterfall, American Falls, with large volume of water falling down 50 m, continuously, and a smaller one next to it, Bridal Veil Falls, on the American side. Unfortunately, I could not see the third waterfall, Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side, which was further away from my room as it was blocked by a few trees in a park known as Queen Victoria Park. All those waterfalls straddle on the international U.S.A.-Canada border. Water from Lake Erie falls over these waterfalls into River Niagara and then to Lake Ontario. Looking down the hotel, I could see a manicured garden below.

Rainbow Bridge over River Niagara as seen from Sheraton Hotel, Niagara Falls, Canada

A manicured garden as seen from Sheraton Hotel, Niagara Falls, Canada

Waterfalls in the distance as seen from Sheraton Hotel, Niagara Falls, Canada


Clifton Hill Theme Park

After leaving our luggage in our rooms, my tour group and I gathered at the lobby. Then our tour manager, Andy Yuan, led us along Clifton Hill Street to a Chinese restaurant, Lotus Restaurant, to have dinner. On the way up the street, we noticed an array of attractions, entertainments, restaurants and shops along it.

Clifton Hill, a “fun street”, which has an array of entertainment, attractions, restaurants and shops at Niagara Falls Town, Canada

Clifton Hill, a place full of fun, entertainment, food and beverage at Niagara Falls Town, Canada

SkyWheel which is 53.3 metres high at Clifton Hill, Niagara Falls Town, Canada


Soon we arrived at a Chinese restaurant, known as Lotus Restaurant, where we had dinner. After dinner, my wife and I walked down Clifton Hill Street, leisurely, and stopped at a few attractions.

Lotus Restaurant, a Chinese restaurant where my tour-members and I had dinner at Niagara Falls Town, Canada

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum, Clifton Hill, Niagara Falls Town, Canada

Clifton Hill that has many attractions for all ages at Niagara Falls Town, Canada


Queen Victoria Garden

Then we entered a garden known as Queen Victoria Garden. A statue of an unknown soldier on a high pedestal at the garden attracted my attention. The words engraved on the pedestal said that it was dedicated to the men of Niagara Falls who had fallen in WWI(1914-1918) and WWII(1939-1945).



Choo Chaw pretending to be punished at an attraction in Clifton Street, Niagara Falls Town, Canada

Entrance to Queen Victoria Garden, Niagara Falls, Canada

Statue of an unknown soldier dedicated to the fallen men of Niagara Falls in WWI(1914-1918) and WWII(1939-1945)


Evening Walk

Finally, we walked along the bank of River Niagara enjoying the spectacular scenery of the three Niagara waterfalls, viz. American Waterfalls, Bridal Veil Waterfalls and Horseshoe Waterfalls. Soon it was dark and the waterfalls were lit with coloured lights.

Choo Chaw and wife taking a photo and seeing the thunderous, spectacular Niagara Waterfalls

Horseshoe Waterfalls as seen from Canadian side

American Waterfalls and Bridal Veil Waterfalls as seen from Canadian side


 Day 4   Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Hornblower Boat River Boat Ride

At 9 in the morning we walked a short distance from our hotel, Sheraton, to a Hornblower Boat Cruise kiosk. At the kiosk our tour manager, Andy Yuan, bought tickets for us for a boat ride on River Niagara to see the three famous Niagara waterfalls at close range.

Tour manager, Andy Yuan, buying tickets for a boat ride to see Niagara Falls

Picture showing the Niagara Waterfalls and River Niagara

The spectacular scenery of the three waterfalls of Niagara Falls as seen from the Canadian side



Plastic Poncho

When we entered the boat landing platform we were each given a thin, red, plastic poncho to put on. There were many people queuing up for the ride.

A boat coming back to the landing platform from Horseshoe Waterfalls

At 10 a.m. we were all on a boat and soon it was moving slowly passing by the American Waterfalls and Bridal Veil Waterfalls. As it was moving close to them we were quite excited watching and hearing volumes of water pouring down into River Niagara, continuously.

Choo Chawa and wife in red ponchos getting ready to be drenched in Horseshoe Waterfalls

Helen and daughter in red ponchos getting ready for River Niagara boat ride

Zhang and daughter getting excited to see the waterfalls at close range


Migratory Birds

A few minutes later, we saw hundreds of migratory seagulls on a cliff and many flying over River Niagara. Then the largest waterfall among the three, Horseshoe Waterfalls, stood tall right in front of all of us. A minute later, we disappeared in the water falling off the waterfall that was about 60 metres high, without stopping.

Choo Chaw on a boat getting close to American Waterfalls and Bridal Veil Waterfalls

Passengers moving closer to Horseshoe Waterfalls

Hundreds of migratory seagulls on the cliff and many flying over River Niagara near Horseshoe Waterfalls


Thunderous Water

The boat stopped very close to it for a short while. For that short time we heard the thunderous water above us  falling like heavy rain and hitting us hard. Besides, the visibility was almost zero. That was an unforgettable but painful experience.

After the boat ride, all the passengers’ ponchos were wet but not their clothes, fortunately

Nik Wallenda, a famous tightrope walker

It was on 16 June, 2012. a 33 year-old man from Florida, Nik Wallenda, walked on a 550 metre tightrope from Goat Island on the American side, over the waters of Horseshoe Waterfalls 53 metres below and to the Canadian side in 25 minutes. He gained a Guinness World record for that incredible feat. He had a few previous records.

“Close-up shot of Nik Wallenda as he crosses Niagara Falls, June 16, 2012” by Dave Pape

Skylon Tower

After the boat ride, we went to the tallest tower in Niagara Falls Town known as Skylon Tower. Standing 775 feet tall, we went up by an elevator in a shape of a capsule known as “Yellow Bug”. It took about 50 seconds to reach the top. During that time a lady elevator attendant inside talked about the tower. She spoke fast and with a voice that sounded like a parrot. I guess she was saying the same thing whenever new visitors entered her elevator. She was an amazing lady.

Skylon Tower(775 feet high) as seen from the ground

Benny and wife in the revolving dining room of Skylon Tower enjoying lunch and scenery outside the glass-windows

A picture showing the top part of Skylon Tower(775 feet high) at Niagara Falls Town, Canada

Revolving Dining Room of Skylon Tower

At the top of the tower we had lunch in a revolving dining room. As the room was rotating, slowly, we were enjoying our food and the breathtaking views of the waterfalls and the town outside the glass-windows.

Southern part of Niagara Falls Town, Canada, as seen from Skylon Tower

A breathtaking view of Horseshoe Waterfalls as seen from Skylon Tower

A spectacular view of Rainbow Bridge, River Niagara and American Waterfalls as seen from Skylon Tower


Toronto City

At 2.15 p.m. we left Niagara Falls for Toronto. Over two hours later, we arrived at the city.

Established in 1793, Toronto is the capital of Ontario Province having a large population of over 2.6 millions. It is an international centre for business and finance and well-known for skyscrapers and high-rise buildings. There are about 1800 tall buildings which are over 30 metres high.

Toronto City, a city of skyscrapers and high-rise buildings

CN Tower

On arrival at Toronto at 3.30 p.m. we headed straight for the downtown to see the tallest building in the city known as CN Tower. Completed building in 1976, CN Tower which is 553 metres high is the 3rd. tallest building in the world. It is used for telecommunication and a tourist attraction. At its top, it has an observation room that offers a 360 degree panorama of the city and edge-walk experience.

CN Tower in Toronto City is the 3rd. tallest tower in the world

Picture by Wikipedia showing the first 7 tallest towers in the world

CN Tower(553 metres high) in Toronto City as seen from its base


Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

Beside the tower is an aquarium opened to public in 2013. It is known as Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada where over 13 000 sea and freshwater specimens from over 450 species live.

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada is beside CN Tower in Toronto City

Old and New City Halls of Toronto City

Later, we went to see the old and new city halls in the neigbourhood. The old city hall looks massive as it is built in the Romanesque style of the 11th. and 12th. centuries. There is a clock-tower that is not in the middle of the building. It administered the city from 1899 until 1966 when its job was taken over by a new building complex located a few hundred metres from it. The old one is now used as a court house.

The new city hall has a futuristic look. It consists of a saucer-like council chamber surrounded by a 20-storey curved building on one side and 27-storey curved building on another side. Looking from the top, this city hall looks like an eye, hence it is called “The Eye of Government”.

Old City Hall of Toronto City

Local students come to the City Hall Square to learn about the old and new city halls in Toronto City

New City Hall of Toronto City known as “The Eye of Government”



There are five Chinatowns in Toronto City. We went to the largest Chinatown where the crossroads of Dundas Street and Spadina Avenue is located. We had dinner at a Chinese restaurant on Dundas Street known as Dim Sum King Seafood Restaurant.

Dim Sum King Seafood Restaurant on Dundas Street, Chinatown, Old Toronto Town

Like any Chinatown in the world, the Chinatown is a home to many ethnic Chinese immigrants who went there to seek jobs and do business. Chinese restaurants, bakeries, medicine shops, arts and crafts shops, fruit shops and many more are found there.

Spadina Avenue in Chinatown, Old Toronto Town

An electric streetcar crossing the crossroads of Dundas Street and Spadina Avenue in Chinatown, Old Toronto Town

Dundas Street in Chinatown, Old Toronto Town


Electric Streetcar

A popular but old means of transport in the Old Toronto Town is the streetcars runs on electricity. TTCToronto Transit Commission) has been operating the cars since 1921. At the crossroads of Dundas Street and Spadina Avenue, streetcars can be seen crossing it, frequently.

After dinner at Dim Sum King Restaurant in Chinatown, we went to check in at a hotel, Hotel Delta Toronto East and had a good stay there.

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