Turkey Travel Part III: Ephesus

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Day 4

Wednwsday, 16 Oct 2019

Kusadasi to Pamukkale

In the morning of Day 4, writer and tourmates left Kusadasi and travelled 190 km east to Pamukkale.

Time taken to travel from Kusadasi to Pamukkale is 2 hours and 40 minutes.

Writer’s Breakfast

Writer’s simple but nutritious breakfast at Charisma De Luxe Hotel on 16 Oct 2019

A Lamb-Leather Product Shop

On the way to Pamukkale, we stopped at a lamb-leather product shop near the hotel for a while.

At the shop, we were ushered in a room to watch a catwalk fashion show.

Catwalk Fashion Show

In the show, house-models walked down a catwalk showing off the shop’s lamb-leather jackets.

Catwalk Fashion Show by Tourmates

Then some of our tourmates were chosen to walk down the catwalk showing off the shop’s jackets.

Saleman Talk

After the catwalk fashion show, we were ushered in another room where a salesman explained the quality and designs of the lamb leather jackets.


After the explanation he asked us to choose and buy the jackets in a showroom.

Few Bought the Jackets

A few tourmates bought the jackets.

Ancient Ephesus Archaeological Site

Then we travelled to an ancient city which was 19 km north of Kusadasi. Located near Selcuk in Izmir, it is known as Ancient Ephesus Archaeological Site.

Diagram of the Ancient Ephesus Archaeological Site

A diagram below shows the ancient Ephesus archaeological site.

Deep Harbour

Ephesus was a Greek settlement and founded in the 10th. Century BC. It flourished in trade due to the deep River Kucukmenderes harbour. In 15th. Century AD it was abandoned as the river became shallow.

Youngest, Cutest Tourmate

As our tour-guide was talking about the history of ancient city of Ephesus, our youngest, cutest tourmate was listening with full concentration.

Entrance Fee

A fee was required to enter the ancient Ephesus archaeological site, a Roman City in 133 BC.

Ruins of Ancient City of Ephesus in Photos

Below are photos showing some of the ruins we saw in the ancient city of Ephesus on 16 Oct 2019.

(i) Ruined Varius Bath that was built in 200 AD.

(ii) Part of the ruined site of the ancient city of Ephesus.

(iii) Bouleuterion that was built in 100 AD for council meetings, musical performances and contests.

(iv) Curetes Street, the main street of the ancient city of Ephesus

(v) Relief of the Goddess of Victory, Nike

(vi) Headless statue of a Roman figure on Curetes Street

(vii) A relief showing the symbol of medicine, a staff with two snakes entwining it

(viii) A relief of a man with a staff of Asclepius. Asclepius was a Greek mythological God of healing and medicine.

(ix) Fountain of Trajan was built in 114 AD in dedication to a Roman emperor, Trajan(53-117 AD).

(x) Terraced houses of wealthy people on the main street, Curetes Street

(xi) Public toilet on Curetes Street

(xii) Inside the public toilet on Curetes Street

(xiii) Hadrian’s three storeyed gate built in 117 AD. Two upper storeys are now missing.

(xiv) Drawing of the actual Hadrian’s three-storeyed gate that was built in 117 AD

(xv) Temple of Hadrian built in dedication to a Roman emperor, Hadrian(76-138 AD)

(xvi) Partially restored Library of Celsus was built in 114-117 AD by Celsus’ son in dedication to his father who was a senator.

Photo of Writer and Wife

Writer and wife were in front of the Library of Celsus in the ancient city of Ephesus on 16 Oct 2019.

Group Photo

Writer and tourmates took a group photo in front of Library of Celsus in ancient city of Ephesus for remembrance on 16 Oct 2019.

Next Visit to Hierapolis and Pamukkale Travertine

Later, we all went to another ancient city known as Hierapolis in Pamukkale. We would visit a unique physical landscape known as Pamukkale Travertine near Hierapolis.

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